Report: Major Update on Kevin Owens' Future With WWE

WWE has had a few high-profile contracts expire recently, and after those deals came up stars like [...]

WWE has had a few high-profile contracts expire recently, and after those deals came up stars like Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan chose not to renew them and instead head to AEW. That's aside from those released by WWE over the past year or so who have headed to AEW and Impact Wrestling after their non-competes have expired. Now another superstar's contract has been revealed to be expiring much sooner than expected, and according to Fightful Select, that contract belongs to none other than Kevin Owens. Owens was thought to be locked up with WWE until 2023, but now it seems his contract is only until 2022.

Specifically January of 2022 according to Fightful Select's sources, who also said that his original 5-year deal, which would have taken him into 2023, was changed to expire in January of 2022 during a restructuring of several WWE contracts before the pandemic. This also ties into Owens' recent tweet.

Owens took to Twitter earlier in the day and posted (then quickly deleted) a tweet with the coordinates to Mount Rushmore. Wrestling fans instantly saw this as a possible tease of him joining All Elite Wrestling, as he was in a stable with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks known as the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling while the four were in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla together. Cole made his jump to AEW this past weekend at the All Out pay-per-view.

The Canadian star joined WWE in 2014 and was instantly pushed to the top of the NXT brand by attacking NXT Champion Sami Zayn on the same night he debuted. He won the NXT Championship in February 2015 and in a few short months he arrived on Monday Night Raw to feud with John Cena while still holding the championship. He's since won the Universal, Intercontinental (twice) and United States Championships (three times), yet despite being in numerous title matches he hasn't held any gold since July 2017. The fifth anniversary of Owens' Universal Championship win took place late last month, prompting KO to post a video thanking his fans.

"Man, the last five years have been a roller coaster. ...The highs are great, but the lows, sometimes, they're really hard to take for somebody who cares a lot, and who is very passionate about this, like I am. But I've been so lucky because I've had a really great career," Owens said" I've had my wife, my kids, and my parents — who are all fantastic at helping me navigate through this. It's not just them, I have really great friends, really great colleagues to go on this ride with. And I have everybody watching this right now.

"I've been lucky to have a loyal following along me for that ride. And that's you guys, today, reminding me of what happened five years ago when I won the Universal Title. So I figured this was a good time to say thank you to all of you" he continued. "For being there for the highs, for being there for the lows, just for being there for the whole ride."