Watch: Kofi Kingston Cuts Emotional Promo After Bobby Lashley's Attack on Xavier Woods on WWE Raw

Monday Night Raw went off the air this week with Bobby Lashley locking Xavier Woods in The Hurt [...]

Monday Night Raw went off the air this week with Bobby Lashley locking Xavier Woods in The Hurt Lock inside the Hell in a Cell cage while Kofi Kingston was trapped outside. Kingston will challenge Lashley for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank next month, and the former champ had some powerful words for "The All Mighty" after the show was over. Kingston said in a backstage promo, "I'm not really in the mood right now. I know what you're going to ask me, you're going to ask me about what happened tonight, how I feel about it and how Xavier's doing right now. The answer is I don't really know. I don't know how he's doing. What I do know is Bobby and MVP took it too far tonight."

"Xavier, he wanted that Hell in a Cell match tonight because he wanted to prove he belonged in that upper echelon of talent in WWE. He wanted to prove he belonged there. And now you won the match, okay Bobby? It's cool, it's fine, Xavier's not going out there with me at Money in the Bank. It's just going to be Bobby vs. Kofi one on one at Money in the Bank. But you took it too far man. You and MVP, locking him in the cage, putting him in the Hurt Lock while I couldn't get to him. Look, I understand that Bobby's the man. He's got the girls, he's got MVP, he's got the lounge, he's got the looks, he's got the body, he's cool. But what Bobby needs to understand is behind all the unicorns and the pancakes and the rainbows and the hip-swiveling, you know my accolades. You know what I've been able to do. And now Bobby, you've done messed up. Xavier was out there fighting for me. That's the kind of heart that he has. And now, I've got to fight with all my heart for him. And you're going to make me show a side that I don't normally like to show.

Lashley responded with a retweet — "There ya go @TrueKofi!! Finally showing something other than pancakes and twerking! See you at #MITB. Bring THIS Kofi."

WWE confirmed a number of matches for Money in the Bank during Raw. Check out the full card (so far) below:

  • WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston
  • Raw Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Ricochet vs. John Morrison vs. Riddle vs. Randy Orton/Drew McIntyre/AJ Styles vs. TBA
  • Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross vs. Asuka vs. Naomi vs. TBA