Kurt Angle Gives a First Look at NXT's Fight Pit for Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher

Tonight's NXT features a stacked card, and one of the more heavily anticipated matches is set around Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher, who will face off against each other in a Steel Cage. The cage is actually being called the Fight Pit, and it not only features Riddle and Thatcher but also special guest referee Kurt Angle. Angle recently gave a first look at the cage, and thanks to the platform on the top, some are drawing comparisons to Ken Shamrock's old Lion's Den matches, albeit with a serious upgrade in both presentation and space. You can check out the images for yourself below.

For those who don't remember, Lion's Den matches were done inside a circular cage with only enough space inside of it for the two competitors. The referee would ref the match from a platform that sat above the cage, and as you can see in the images below, there is a full platform above the Fight Pit.

Now, who knows if the Referee will actually do the same in this match, but it would be an interesting change, given how physical both of these competitors will be in the ring. Thatcher and Riddle have already showcased that in their last match, and this one promises to be just as physical, so maybe Angle doesn't want to exactly be in the middle of it.

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It going down tonight. Cage fight! Riddle vs Thatcher. #wwenxt #specialguestreferee

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That said, this is Angle we're talking about, so who knows, maybe he gets involved anyway.

"It going down tonight. Cage fight! Riddle vs Thatcher. #wwenxt #specialguestreferee"

As for the match itself, the only way it can be won is by tapout or knockout, so there will be no pinning here. That seems to suit this duo just fine, as last time they met Thatcher tried to essentially pull out Riddle's arm. It's crazy to think how things have changed since Riddle and Thatcher were on the same team, but now they are bitter enemies, which all started when Thatcher walked out of a tag team match and left Riddle to get overwhelmed and taken down.

We'll finally see the culmination of this feud in tonight's Cage Match, and we are definitely excited to see what they have in store.


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