WWE's Kurt Angle Wants 10 Minutes With Wrestler Who Threw a Brick at Opponent's Head

An up-and-coming wrestler had a large concrete brick thrown at his head during a match, and WWE's [...]

An up-and-coming wrestler had a large concrete brick thrown at his head during a match, and WWE's Kurt Angle just wants 10 minutes with the wrestler who did it.

The match in question took place at a Lucha Libre Boom/Lucha Memes/Generacion XXI show and involved El Cuervo de Puerto Rico and Angel o Demonio. It was an "extreme rules" type of match, so chairs, tables, and the like were all allowed. Many believe Angel took it too far though when he lifted a large brick (that was located in the ring for some reason) and threw it down towards Cuervo, who was walking away from him outside of the ring.

The brick hit him in the back of the head, knocking him down to the ground immediately. Doctors rushed to his side, and while he did start moving his arm midway through, they still took him out of the match and the ring entirely. Angel attempted to come and find out what was going on, but doctors apparently told him to leave.

The video turned up on social media, and WWE's Kurt Angle had a few words for Angel, saying, "Give me 10 seconds with that stupid MFer that threw the brick. Shouldn't be anywhere near the business."

Many are inclined to agree with him, especially since Cuervo had to undergo surgery that night to remove a blood clot in his brain, which was directly caused by the impact. Since then, the Mexican Professional Boxing and Wrestling Commission has suspended Angel indefinitely, and you can read the full translated statement below thanks to Mandatory and Angel Garcia:


By this means I will address you, based from the events Monday, November 19 of the current year in

the Arena Lopez Mateos, where in the Semifinal match, 'Angel o Demonio,' commits an excessive act of aggression against the wrestler 'El Cuervo de Puerto Rico,' which caused serious injury, and in accordance to the regulations of the Professional Boxing and Wrestling Commission of the state of Mexico takes the following actions:

First – The wrestler 'Angel o Demonio,' aka Hector Perez is suspended indefinitely from the this States territory, and in solidarity, and reciprocity, ask that the other commissions throughout the country do the same.

Second – Guarantees an audience to the CC. Hector Guzman Herrera and Juan Morales Mejia, promoter and Organizer of the event dated November 19, respectively, in order to explain why an 'extreme rules match' or an 'anything goes match' was carried out, since based on the permission granted for said function marked with the numeral 123 / CBLLPEM / 2018, where it establishes that the 'EXTREME RULES Match' or also known as 'anything goes' is prohibited in the entire State Territory.

Without another particular, I am at your orders


Juan José Herrera Rodriguez

Attorney at Law

Executive Secretary of the Commission of Box and Professional Wrestling of the State of Mexico"