Matt Cardona Announces MC! True Long Island Story Podcast

Matt Cardona officially announced on Monday that his classic YouTube series Z! True Long Island [...]

Matt Cardona officially announced on Monday that his classic YouTube series Z! True Long Island Story will be returning in podcast form as MC! True Long Island Story next month. The former WWE star posted a video of himself rummaging through his old props from the show, including the original Internet Championship, as a voiceover played in the background.

"Ten years ago I started a YouTube show called Z! True Long Island Story. The show changed my life, it changed my career, it changed the wrestling business. I became the Internet Champion, and now a decade later the world will hear the story, my story. The true story. The MC! True Long Island story."

Cardona is already the host of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast alongside Brian Myers. They'll be launching the Major Pod Network beginning on Feb. 1, and the first episode of the new show will debut on Feb. 17.

Since getting released by WWE back in April 2020, Cardona had a brief stint in AEW before debuting for Impact Wrestling at the Hard to Kill pay-per-view. He indicated on social media he'll be sticking around with the promotion for a while and has started up a feud with Ace Austin.

He'll compete on this week's edition of Impact, teaming with Josh Alexander to take on Austin and Madman Fulton.

In an interview with ComicBook last year, Cardona reflected on his rise and fall in popularity in 2011-12 on WWE television, culminating in him winning the United States Championship only to get repeatedly embarrassed by Kane and Eve Torres.

"I said this before. At the time, I was too naive too, too young, too immature to really... If something was going down, all I had to do was knock on Vince's door and ask why it was happening. I've been busting my ass. I was one of the top merch sellers. I did used to ask that question, 'Why is this happening? Why is all my hard work literally just dying?' Getting pushed off a stage or thrown through a stage or thrown off a loading dock. I saw all my hard work. It was literally a kick in the balls. I got kicked in the balls at WrestleMania, but I never asked that question. I never went to Vince personally. I never went to the higher ups myself.

"So I don't blame anybody but myself for that. People use that term buried. Hey, if you want to say that anybody buried anybody, Zack Ryder buried Zack Ryder because I didn't have... I didn't go up. I didn't go to Vince. I didn't ask questions. So I blame nobody, but myself. Do I wish it would have ended differently? 100%, of course. I saw all my hard work from that YouTube show, starting 2011 as a nobody, ending the year as the U.S. Champion. And then 2012, it just went downhill and downhill fast. I don't blame anybody but myself for that."