Mustafa Ali Teases Retribution Recruiting One of WWE Raw's Newcomers

The first night of the WWE Draft resulted in a fair share of new names arriving on the Monday Night Raw roster. Two of those newcomers included Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, who were suddenly split from Big E after becoming tag team champions for the ninth time. Shortly after the pick was made Retribution leader Mustafa Ali popped up on Twitter and tagged Kofi Kingston, possibly indicating that he wants the former WWE Champion in the group. Since revealing himself as the leader last week, Ali has indicated on social media that the members of Retribution are driven by a need for revenge against the WWE after being treated poorly.

Kingston would, theoretically, fit that bill. Not only did he just see The New Day get broken up by WWE officials despite the trio's insistence that they never wanted to split, but he was infamously pushed out of the main event picture (despite being WWE Champion for six months) after dropping the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar last October.

Ali's tease comes on the same weekend where reports dropped that Mercedes Martinez had been pulled from the Retribution storyline and sent back to NXT for unknown reasons.

But if Kingston doesn't feel inclined to turn heel and join the masked faction, he could possibly chase Drew McIntyre for a second reign as WWE Champion, Kingston talked about the matchup during an interview with ComicBook back in May.


"Maybe. It'd interesting to revisit because the story that we had way back in the day when Drew was the Chosen One and he's gone on such a journey," Kingston said. "Leaving the company, traveling the world, coming back and now becoming WWE champion. My story, we all know that and how hard I had to fight, and I think it would be very, very interesting."

"But Drew McIntyre hits very, very hard," he added. "He's probably one of the hardest hitting opponents that I've ever faced. I remember being in the ring with him at one point earlier in my career, and I was in the corner and he clotheslined me the corner. I was like, 'Oh wow, this guy. He's got some power tools.' So I'll be a little bit smarter now if I had to face him, a lot more bobbing and weaving, trying not to get hit by this guy. I think it'd be really, really interesting like you said."