WWE's Natalya Impersonates Ronda Rousey on SmackDown

WWE fans knew that they would likely get some back and forth between SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey and Natalya ahead of their upcoming match at Money in the Bank, though they didn't expect to see Natalya impersonating Rousey in the ring. That's exactly what happened though, as Natalya came out to Rousey's music in full Rousey garb, and she even came to the ring with a baby stroller. Rousey came out to confront her after Natalya took several shots, and ended up getting the stroller thrown at her, though she did deliver one epic burn before the segment was over.

Natalya came out and talked about Ronda being a mom, saying "Because I don't shut up about it, and No. 2 because I don't tap out. But last week I tapped out and I have the footage to prove it." Natalya then showed the footage from her attack on Rousey last week where she locked in the sharpshooter.

"Natalya almost made me submit, and I realized two things," Natalya said as Rousey. "The sharpshooter is way deadlier than the armbar, and I will tap out. So I'm going to just tap out right now. I also wanted to say I'm sorry to all my fans around the world. I think the best thing to do is to hand over my SmackDown Women's Championship to Natalya, retire, grab my diaper bag, push my stroller, and leave while I can. Because right now as a competitor, I'm the saddest woman on the planet."

Then Rousey's music hit and Natalya looked spooked, especially when Rousey came out to the ring. She grabbed the microphone and said, "Nattie that's you? I almost didn't recognize you. I'm not going to pass up on having kids, and I'm also not going to mutilate my body to chase beauty standards like you do. But that doesn't mean I'm just going to bend over and hand you my Title because you think you earned it. That's your problem Natty. You think you are owed this Title, and by God you're a Hart and we all owe it to you."

Then Rousey went the extra step for a burn, saying "But despite your unrivaled pedigree and work ethic, the closest you'll ever be to main eventing in this company is dressing up like me. Nice jacket." Then she ripped the jacket off and Natalya threw the stroller at Rousey before heading out of the ring.

This match has gotten pretty fiery rather quickly, and with one more week to build it up, next week's SmackDown should be quite entertaining.

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