Netflix Series 'The Big Show Show' Release Date Confirmed

Netflix confirmed via its latest newsletter that the upcoming family comedy series, The Big Show [...]

Netflix confirmed via its latest newsletter that the upcoming family comedy series, The Big Show Show starring WWE Superstar The Big Show will premiere on the streaming service on April 6. The show was announced back in July 2019, with the synopsis, "In The Big Show Show, when the teenage daughter of Big Show, a retired world-famous WWE Superstar, comes to live with him, his wife and two other daughters, he quickly becomes outnumbered and outsmarted. Despite being 7 feet tall and weighing 400 pounds, he is no longer the center of attention."

The first season will consist of 10 30-minute episodes. The rest of the cast includes Allison Munn, Reylynn Caster, Juliet Donenfeld and Lily Brooks O'Briant.

Show recently discussed the show on an episode of the After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves. During that same interview he credited reigning WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will helping him find a resurgence in his career.

"I owe my entire resurgence of my career to Brock Lesnar," Show said. "For the longest time, I was still napalm when I came back from OVW, and Brock's main event [opponent] somehow got stuck on a plane. Jack Lanza, in a house show, threw me in with Brock, and Brock and I tore the house down. Just before that I was working mid-card. I was working body-slam matches and stuff like that. I filled in for that main event, and Brock and I literally tore the freaking house down because Brock can flat out go.

"His character now is 'The Beast' and all that stuff, but Brock gets it just like how Kurt Angle got it. Their wrestling background made them a better performer. So I remember hearing the story, they were asking Brock who's you next opponent he said, 'I want to work with Show. He's a giant. He can work. You guys are just sleeping on him.' Brock and I started working tearing the house down. It changed a lot of people's perceptions of who I was as a talent and who I was as an individual. I really owe that break because of Brock. I don't think that's something I've ever told on any podcast so there you go."