WWE's New Day Impersonate The Viking Raiders and Reference Thor and Assassin's Creed in Hilarious SmackDown Promo

The New Day ended up taking a beating during last week's SmackDown from the newly vicious Viking Raiders, and this week they were determined to get some payback. That payback started when they came out to the ring in full on Viking Raiders garb, complete with fake beards and shields. They put on their best Viking accents (though as Kofi pointed out, Xavier's was more pirate-like at times) and took shots at Ivar and Erik. They decided to go the extra mile though and work in references to Thor and Assassin's Creed, and you can check out part of their promo below.

During their promo, they said they had researched the Viking ways to really get into character, though Woods would say that research really involved playing lots of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on PS5 and watching all of the Thor movies, "even the new one!".

The Viking Raiders would come out and looked a bit pissed about the whole thing, and they would rush towards the ring. What they didn't expect was that New Day had enlisted the help of Shanky and Jinder Mahal, who attacked the Viking Raiders before they ever got to the ring.

After knocking them to the ground and halting their advance, Shanky and Mahal would join New Day in the ring, and the Viking Raiders would slowly back away towards the back. Then New Day, Shanky, and Mahal would all end up dancing in the ring for a bit, though Mahal mostly looked shocked at what was happening around him.

We're not sure what the plan for New Day is at SummerSlam, but you can find the current card for the upcoming event below.

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