WWE NXT Finally Reveals The Dyad's Identities

Joe Gacy has been teasing the identities of his Dyad disciples for several weeks, and they've even wrestled matches without revealing their identities. Tonight though it was time for answers, and after several different theories had circulated, the Dyad were to be revealed Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, who most knew previously as Zack Gibson and James Drake of the Grizzled Young Veterans. They also revealed all new looks to go with their new characters, and you can check that in the post below.

Gacy referenced their past selves, saying the "Past stays where it belongs, behind you", and each one occupied a different look compared to Gacy. Gacy was in a gray shirt and flanked by Drake, who was completely in white. Meanwhile, Gibson was fully in black and had a creepy contact lens in one of his eyes.

This is a far departure from their former looks as GYV. The two stars used to read red and white and primarily though they also wore slick suits during their previous Title run as well. That was also the case when they returned to TV in NXT, but after a loss they seemingly retired their old names and look, teasing that Zack and James would not be seen again.

Then Gacy dropped a tease when he was talking about the Dyad, saying that they were former Tag Team Champions. Paired with the fact that we hadn't seen GYV in the mix for quite some time hinted it could be them, and now that has turned out to be the case.

Now it remains to be seen how this will affect the Tag Title scene in NXT. The Tag Division is one that could always use new competitors, and right now both the NXT Tag Team Championships and the NXT UK Tag Team Championships are in NXT looking for challengers. Jensen and Briggs are the NXT UK Tag Champs, while The Creed Brothers hold the NXT Tag Championships. Both could use challengers, and having the Dyad hold Title Gold could help solidify Gacy's faction and give it some traction, especially after he couldn't take down Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship.

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