WWE NXT Releases Survey Asking for NXT 2.0 Feedback

WWE NXT is well into the NXT 2.0 era, and that new era brought along a host of changes to the look, the tone, the roster, and to the target demographic of the brand. NXT 2.0 is going for a younger demographic and an overall more youthful feel, and while some aspects of the rebranding have worked, other elements have landed with more of a thud. The brand is constantly evolving though, and to that end, WWE sent out a survey via email asking fans on its mailing list to rate a variety of things about the show, the match outcomes, the stars, and more (via PWInsider).

The survey asked some specific questions, including whether they watched the previous version of NXT and whether they thought the current version was better, the same, or worse. They also asked fans to rate the outcomes of the matches, the new look, the quality of wrestling, the variety of stars being featured, unexpected moments, the show's length, and the entertainment value of the show.

They were also asked whether they agreed or disagreed with several statements, and you can find those statements below.

*This show has many unique and exciting characters.
*I enjoy the athleticism of the wrestling talent on the show.
*This show has some of my favorite professional wrestling characters.
*Character development is believable.
*Wrestling talent on this show is charismatic.
*I enjoy the interactions and match-ups among female talent.
*The wrestling talent has creative freedom to speak their minds.
*Promos feel natural and not too scripted.
*I enjoy the interactions and match-ups among male talent.
*The show does a good job in developing newer wrestling talent.
*I enjoy the promos / smack talk on this show.
*The show does a good job in featuring a wide variety of talent that I am interested in.
*This show is one of my favorites among all professional wrestling shows.
*The show is straightforward.
*Most segments on the show feel necessary to watch.
*There is a good balance between talking and action segments.
*There is a good variety of match types used on this show.
*I can count on seeing at least some big or important moments.
*The show has high production value (lights, camera work, etc.)
*The show does not have enough escalation to intense/brutal action.
*The show format continues to positively evolve.
*Match outcomes feel meaningful.
*The show keeps up with the latest technology.
*The show has the right amount of aggressiveness/violence.
*Storylines are consistently engaging.
*Storylines keep me guessing in a good way.
*There is always something fresh and exciting.
*The show offers an amount of humor that appeals to me.
*I enjoy the commentary on this show.
*I share content or talk about this show with my friends or other fans.
*Rivalries and match-ups on this show are consistently entertaining.

Let us know what your answers to those statements would be either in the comments or on Twitter, where you can always talk all things wrestling with me @MattAguilarCB!