WWE's Otis Celebrates Money in the Bank Win on SmackDown and Enrages Miz

You knew WWE was going to shine a big spotlight on the delightful Otis after his big Money in the [...]

You knew WWE was going to shine a big spotlight on the delightful Otis after his big Money in the Bank win, and that they did, kicking off the show with Mr. Money in the Bank himself. Otis was a guest on Miz TV, though Miz and Morrison didn't even get to introduce him before his music hit, and he was pumped to get to the ring. He had his briefcase in hand, and after some jubilant dancing, he finally made his way to his chair to chat with the former Tag Team Champs. It was clear though that they were more interested in taking pot-shots at the newest Money in the Bank winner than actually talking to him.

Miz and Morrison both took jabs at his weight and clothes, and Morrison asked how on earth he managed to get Mandy Rose. They then showed childhood pictures of Otis and took a few more shots at him while they were on the screen.

Otis took it all in stride, and was...well, pretty much Otis all throughout. That didn't sit well with Miz though, who became enraged at one point, saying Otis wasn't taking it seriously, and that it was rather embarrassing for someone like him to have the Money in the Bank honor.

Otis remarked about the anger coming from Miz, and that was all Miz could take. Both Miz and Morrison then went off on Otis and said he better come prepared later on in the episode, as he would need to find a partner to take them both on in the ring.

We aren't sure who Otis will find as a partner, but if Tucky is around, this would be a good time to show up.

You can find the official description of tonight's SmackDown below.

"Otis brings his Money in the Bank contract to "Miz TV," Charlotte Flair returns to SmackDown and a tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion begins on FOX."

The full SmackDown card is as follows.

Intercontinental Championship Tournament: Baron Corbin vs Elias
Otis and Mystery Partner vs Miz and Morrison
Charlotte Flair Returns to SmackDown

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