WWE Report Indicates NXT's Roxanne Perez Fainting Storyline is Covering for Actual Injury

Two weeks ago WWE NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez fainted after her match with Meiko Satomura, and at the time it clearly seemed like a kayfabe injury meant to add intrigue to her storyline heading into Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania 39 weekend. Now a new report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer says there seems to be some legitimacy to the angle in that it is meant to cover up something real. As for what that is, Meltzer says WWE isn't sure at this point, which is why the story has been so vague in regard to details and if she will actually have to give up the Title or not.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said "The reason it's so vague, is because the actual situation really is so vague. They actually don't know what's exactly going on. So, until they do, they kind of have to go in there with, we don't know if she is stripped. Just a whole bunch of things going on. What I was told was it's a vague situation, in the sense that, hopefully there's nothing wrong, but there might be, and if there is..."

Bryan Alvarez then said, "You're telling me [we're] supposed to believe she actually fainted after the match?" That's when Meltzer said the fainting part isn't real, but it might be covering up something that is.

"She didn't faint after the match. But that was a cover story for the fact that something may or may not be going on. And they don't know exactly, so therefore they did the Shawn Michaels angle," Meltzer said.

When Alvarez asked why they had her do a match if something was actually wrong, Meltzer said, "I'm sure it's nothing wrong as far as something that would prevent her from...if you have maybe a shoulder issue or something like that, you can go and do your match, but you don't know how bad the issue is. That happens all the time. Or a knee issue or something, whatever it is. And I don't know what it is. I was just told that it's a cover story for something, and they don't know exactly what it is, so therefore it's a vague story. Because the actual story is vague."

Hopefully, there's nothing seriously wrong with Perez and she can retain her Championship, but if WWE does have to crown a new Champion, they've already had matches to qualify for a Championship Ladder Match at the event. So far Zoey Stark and Gigi Dolin have qualified, and more matches are still to come. We'll have to wait and see what happens with Perez, and here's hoping everything is okay.

H/T Cageside Seats