WWE Reveals SmackDown Superstar Is Injured

Fans who tuned into last week's SmackDown saw Jimmy Uso about to bend the knee to King Woods, but that was interrupted by the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, who helped Jimmy and Jey brutally beat down Woods and Kofi Kingston. WWE just revealed the consequences of that attack on Woods and Kingston, as they just revealed that Kingston's condition has been evaluated and he has been diagnosed with an MCL sprain in his knee. Hopefully, he'll be back in action soon, and it's unclear if this is completely kayfabe or real, so we'll have to wait and see.

At one point during the Usos' attack they held Kofi's leg down and then hit a move from the top rope on the other one, and Kingston doubled over in pain. Now it seems he'll be out of the picture for a bit, which changes up what I expected to follow after last week's attack.

Reigns threatened Woods that he would show them what a beat down really is if they crossed the Bloodline again, and so it was easy to assume that the following week would have Woods and Kingston's teammate Big E (who is also currently WWE Champion) coming to SmackDown to back them up.

With Woods out of commission, that doesn't appear likely, though we could still get that moment at some other point in time. More often than not injuries like this are used to write someone off television for a minute, though they can sometimes also be used after a legitimate injury to achieve the same effect. Either way, we wish Kingston the best.

Woods and Kingston have been doing some great work since Woods won the King of the Ring tournament, and odds are we'll still get Woods having some words for Reigns and The Bloodline this Friday.