WWE's Roman Reigns Hints At A New Theme Song

Roman Reigns' transformation following his return at 2020' Summer Slam has been quite well received by fans, setting himself up as the "Tribal Chief" of his family and creating a new, far more threatening personality alongside his new "hype man" of Paul Heyman and it seems as if the popular brawler is currently working on a new theme song! Theme songs have been a part of the world of professional wrestling for decades now, allowing fans to prepare for the arrival of their favorite wrestlers to the ring and a new song for Reigns would certainly be welcome considering his new persona!

Reigns has been making his way through the WWE Organization since returning to the ring last year, with his current target being the smack-talking brawler, Kevin Owens. Now joined by his cousin Jey Uso after establishing himself as the "Tribal Chief", the pair definitely has a score to settle with one another. With the Universal Championship belt on the line, it will be interesting to see if Reigns is able to retain his title as the WWE inches ever closer to this year's Wrestlemania.

Reigns recently sat down with the outlet of Bleacher Report to discuss the latest events of his career, going into depth about how World Wrestling Entertainment is currently working on creating a new theme song for the wrestler that better reflects his current personality in the ring:

"We're working on it. It's not easy because I'm not going to... With this character, it has to be the right vibe. We can't just hire a rapper and check out this guitar riff. It can't be some rock music. The Shield music, I wasn't even really into it back in the day; but over the years, it just started working. You get so used to it that I just time my pace to it. But yeah, it takes some time and it has to be right. In order to move away from something you've had for so long and is so recognizable like the music that I have now, it's got to be perfect. It's taking some time, but we're definitely working on it, so please be patient."


What do you want to see for Roman Reigns' new theme song? Have you dug the direction of Reigns' character since his return last year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVCOmedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling!

Via Bleacher Report