Roman Reigns Demolishes WWE Critic on Twitter

If Roman Reigns' alliance with Paul Heyman and his subsequent WWE Universal Championship win wasn't enough proof that "The Big Dog" is now a heel, his latest social media activity definitely is. On Monday night Reigns responded to a Twitter account who was complaining about Reigns becoming a five-time world champion by writing, "Roman being forced down people's throats again.....such an overrated performer. The belt has changed hands has so many times it just has no prestige. Rubbish."

Reigns clapped back with, "Only reason I'm down your throat, is because you keep your mouth open. I'm the best performer of this generation period and the title is finally in the right hands for it to hold true value."

It's still unclear why Reigns has joined forces with Heyman, though the partnership has clearly already paid off. Reigns didn't actually sign the contract for Sunday's No Holds Barred championship match until "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman had already broken the ring via a superplex. Reigns then ran down and quickly won the match after hitting Wyatt with a low blow and spearing Strowman for the pin.

Reigns' victory at Payback marks the first time he's held the Universal Championship since announcing his leukemia diagnosis back in October 2018. He announced he was in remission and returned to action several months later, but spent the majority of 2019 in feuds with Drew McIntyre, Erick Rowan and Baron Corbin instead of challenging for the championship. He was supposed to face Goldberg for the title at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year, but he stepped away from the company in late March due to the coronavirus pandemic and the potential threat it posed to his growing family.

Reports are already popping up that Reigns is expected to hold the Blue Brand's top championship up through WrestleMania 37. WWE has yet to announce the plans for this week's SmackDown, though many expect Reigns to make some sort of statement regarding his change in attitude.