WWE's Santos Escobar Defeats Tony D'Angelo to Become True Don of NXT

Tonight's NXT Main Event was between Tony D'Angelo and Santos Escobar in a battle to see who really is the Don of NXT. They immediately Locked up and D'Angelo got the first hit in, pushing Escobar against the ropes and getting a punch to the face in. They would lock up again and look fo opportunties until Escobar did a little taunting. Escobar got a wrist lock on D'Angelo but then was knocked down by the mob boss, who also threw in a few punches for good measure. D'Angelo ended up in the corner but he countered and pulled Escobar's hair and neck against the ropes, and then an elbow followed on Escobar's back, with D'Angelo capping it off with a Neckbreaker.

D'Angelo dragged Escobar's face against the top rope, and he followed it up with punches to the stomach. Escobar countered and hit a huge kick to the side of D'Angelo's head, sending him to the outside. Escobar charged at him but was met with a forearm from D'Angelo. D'Angelo taunted a bit more and pushed Escobar back in the ring. D'Angelo stayed in control, wearing down Escobar and halting any comebacks by the star.

Escobar looked to get back in but D'Angelo caught him and landed a Powerbomb to stop that comeback too. D'Angelo continued to wear Escobar down with holds, but Escobar kicked out of the cover. D'Angelo hit a flurry of punches to Escobar's stomach, but then a dropkick finally turned things around for Escobar, who hit a second dropkick to send D'Angelo out of the ring again. Escobar connected on the next dive too, finally gaining some momentum.

Escobar slammed D'Angelo into the steel steps and then rolled him back into the ring. He then leaped from the other side of the ropes onto D'Angelo and then stomped on D'Angelo's head and chest in the corner. Escobar focused on D'Angelo's wrist and shoulder, keeping him in the center of the ring and putting all his weight against D'Angelo's arm. D'Angelo got to the ropes to break the hold, but then Escobar hit another pinpoint dropkick against D'Angelo's head. Escobar targeted the arm again and went for a cover but Tony kicked out. Escobar kept going for the left arm, bringing his elbow down on it, but D'Angelo fought back with some punches and some shoulder tackles, hitting 3 in a row. D'Angelo hit a Belly to Belly and then slammed Escobar down again. D'Angelo connected with another slam and then went for the leg, but Escobar rolled out of the ring only to get his hair pulled and brought back up. D'Angelo lifted him but he lost control, and Escobar hit a massive chop on D'Angelo. Tony grabbed his hair again and went further up top, and they were both on the top rope Escobar then stunned with a huge move off the top rope, bringing D'Angelo and himself down on the mat.

D'Angelo was first to his feet and he grabbed something from the corner, but he couldn't find it, and Legado Del Fantasma revealed they had grabbed his weapons. Then Tony's men were at ringside and while the referee was distracted Escobar had his own brass knuckles, and he punched D'Angelo, and that was it. He then pinned him and got the win, ensuring he is still the Don of NXT.

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