WWE: Sasha Banks And Bayley React To New Championship Belt

Sasha Banks wasn't leaving RAW without the championship and claimed the top prize for the third [...]

Sasha Banks wasn't leaving RAW without the championship and claimed the top prize for the third time in her career. She's overcome injury, roster shakeup, and her number one foe Charlotte Flair. The conquering of those obstacles showed themselves when she receives her custom championship belt.

Once a superstar wins the championship belt, it's customary for the team to update the custom plates with those of the new winner. It was most likely immediately gratifying to see Charlotte's plates removed, but once they started putting Sasha's on, she got a bit emotional, though her friend Bayley made sure to keep things light. She also tried to take one for herself.

Can't blame for her trying, but Bayley also had some suggestions for the second plate. "Maybe you could put my face on this one, " said Bayley, "or a thumbs up? Unfortunately, both were vetoed by Sasha, but Bayley was still there to support her friend as she attempted to fight back some tears.

You can view the whole video above.

Sasha and Charlotte delivered an amazing match on RAW, and while it might not be the final match between the two, it does feel as if the feud has now run its course, as Ric Flair came out to raise Sasha's hand in victory. There might be one more, but after that, it seems like it's time for both competitors to move on.

Charlotte will probably dive into a feud with Bayley, following up on her attack at Survivor Series, but Sasha's path is a bit murkier. WWE could put her against Nia Jax for an interesting program, or they could put her against the returning Emmalina. Both feuds have tons of potential, but Nia seems like a bigger lock, as entering Emmalina right back into the title picture would be a bit odd. Still, no one is going to object to a feud between those two at some point down the line.

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