"Multiple Wrestlers" Will Reportedly Leave WWE if Company is Sold to Saudi Arabia

A paradigm shift is once again knocking at the door of World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon ended his retirement last week, returning to the WWE Board of Directors just six months after departing his executive positions in Summer 2022. McMahon's return was said to be strictly business, as this comeback was intended to help WWE sell itself to a parent company. The ripple effects of Vince's return have already shown face, as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon officially resigned from both of her corporate positions on Tuesday. This resulted in Nick Khan assuming full CEO responsibilities while Vince was re-elected to chairman of the board.

Shortly after Stephanie's resignation, reports began to surface about WWE's potential buyer: Saudi Arabia's Public Investment fund. Those reports added that the deal is not yet finalized but has been "agreed to in principle." More reports emerged this morning stating the contrary, calling the Saudi Arabia deal "untrue" and that WWE is "still exploring all options." As of this writing, there is no official news regarding a WWE sale.

Regardless, chatter of Saudi Arabia purchasing WWE has spread like wildfire across the internet, with multiple wrestlers from across the industry making subtle comments on the rumor. While no WWE talent have commented publicly, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that "multiple wrestlers" told him that "they'd leave WWE if the company ends up being Saudi Arabia-led."

WWE has had a working relationship with Saudi Arabia since 2018, as the company produces two live events in the country per year. Those events have been marred in controversy, as early shows like The Greatest Royal Rumble barred women from competing. In the years since, WWE has been allowed to hold female matches, but the competitors are required to wear body suits for their ring gear rather than attire that they would typically don on television.

Beyond that, talent like Sami Zayn and MVP are not allowed to wrestle on Saudi Arabian WWE events due to the former being of Syrian descent and the latter being a Muslim turned atheist. Saudi Arabia has financed rebel groups in the Syrian Civil War and has criminal statutes in place for those who renounce Islam.

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