WWE's Shotzi BlackHeart Reacts to Universal's The Thing Remake

WWE's Shotzi Blackheart wears her love of all things nerdy, and pop culture, on her sleeve, [...]

WWE's Shotzi Blackheart wears her love of all things nerdy, and pop culture, on her sleeve, clearly incorporating her eccentric attitude into her wrestling aesthetic, and we recently had a chance to sit down and chat with the female wrestler within NXT and talk with her about her favorite film, John Carpenter's The Thing, and how she feels about a potential remake. Universal is, apparently, working to translate some of the chapters from the original novel that had been found into a new film, looking to continue the story of the "Thing From Another World" for a new generation.

John Carpenter's The Thing is considered by many to be one of the greatest horror films of all time, creating a claustrophobic story starring Kurt Russell as he and a team of scientists attempt to do battle with an alien that is able to mimic anything it absorbs. With the movie stressing the horror of both this alien creature and the idea of isolation as it take places in a lone Antarctic research station. The practical effects and the idea that none of the characters know who they can trust, helped to make The Thing such a classic film for both horror film fans and general movie fans alike.

In our interview with Shotzi, we noted how John Carpenter's The Thing was her favorite movie, and let her know about Universal potentially making a new film based around the new chapters that were discovered from the source material of the original novel:

WWE Shotzi Blackheart The Thing
(Photo: Universal & WWE)

"I think it's a good idea (to make a new movie), especially with the additional material. My only hope and prayer is that they use more practical effects. That's my only thing is I just ... I cannot get behind the CGI effects in horror. It doesn't look good to me. I think that CGI should be used sparingly to enhance practical effects, but that's just me nerding out about a practical effects."

John Carpenter's The Thing did have a prequel film that was released in 2011, but the film's reliance on computer generated graphics over practical effects was just one of the problems that made this movie unable to to live up to its predecessor.

What do you think of Shotzi Blackheart's thoughts on a potential new version of John Carpenter's classic? Is The Thing one of your favorite movies? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the WWE!