Kevin Owens Becomes First Member of Team SmackDown for Survivor Series

Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens collided on Friday night during SmackDown for a chance at becoming a member at Team SmackDown for the upcoming Survivor Series PPV event. As you'd expect, Robert Roode was out at ringside in Ziggler's corner. However, it didn't take long for him to get booted from the ringside area by the official.

Throughout the match, Michael Cole sold the prestige of becoming part of the brand's official team and the opportunity to "show pride in your brand." It should be noted that Kevin Owens just joined SmackDown in the WWE Draft, so the idea he has a lot of allegiance and loyalty to the brand at this point seems illogical.

Owens went for a Senton off the top rope late in the match, but Ziggler got his knees up to dodge. Ziggler went for the Sweet Chin Music but Owens dodged it. Owens went for the Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ziggler reversed it into the Famouser for a near fall.

Moments later, Owens went for a Stunner but Ziggler reversed. They exchanged counters after that until Ziggler went for another superkick. However, Owens dodged it and hit a Stunner and covered for the pinfall.

With the win, Kevin Owens became the first member of Team SmackDown. The WWE Survivor Series takes place in three weeks, live on the WWE Network. As always, ComicBook will have full coverage of Survivor Series so make sure to check back with us on November 22nd. In the meantime, we'll have all the latest news and rumors on the road to the PPV.