WWE: New Update Reveals Details on Bray Wyatt's Release

The release of Bray Wyatt from WWE has caused some confusion amongst fans, mostly in regards to [...]

The release of Bray Wyatt from WWE has caused some confusion amongst fans, mostly in regards to why you would release him at all. Wyatt's characters were popular and often merchandise selling machines, especially in The Fiend's case. A new update from Fightful Select gives us a few more details on Wyatt's release, including the fact that Wyatt was told his release was a "budget cut". John Laurinaitis made the call and notified WWE talent shortly before the news went wide, and the budget cut thing isn't going to sit well with many. According to the report, it also surprised those within WWE.

Wyatt's characters generated a lot of merchandise, and according to Fightful's source, Wyatt did generate a lot of merchandise sales when he was active.

One of the more shocking revelations though is the fact that Wyatt's name was brought up during a previous round of talent cuts, but along with a few other names in the mix was kept on the roster. There were also tentative plans to bring him back in August around SummerSlam.

Another interesting detail is that the creative team had been relayed a message that Wyatt was getting frustrated with what was seen as poor creative decisions and ideas being sent to him and was becoming more protective of his character. It is noted though that many members of the creative team hadn't spoken to Wyatt directly so they weren't sure if it was hearsay or completely true.

If Wyatt had taken that more defensive position, it wouldn't be shocking, as fans have had issues with the way Wyatt's been booked and utilized quite a bit over the years. The Fiend is no exception, and while the character was still immensely popular, many feel that the shine had been taken off of the character thanks to unnecessary losses and odd choices. Despite those bumps along the way Wyatt still delivered some memorable moments with the character, including a delightful Firefly Funhouse match against John Cena.

In recent months the character had helped transform Alexa Bliss into a supernatural force, and the two would come into conflict at Wrestlemania 36 after Bliss cost him the match against Randy Orton.

It remains to be seen where he will go next, but we wish him all the success and hope we see him on our television screens sooner than later.