Watch: Braun Strowman Throws Shane McMahon Off Cage at Wrestlemania 37

In what's become something of an annual Wrestlemania tradition, Shane McMahon has fallen from a very tall surface. This year, McMahon was chucked from the top of a steel cage by his recent nemesis Braun Strowman, effectively ending his cage match at Wrestlemania. Most longtime WWE fans saw McMahon's fall coming, as McMahon's more recent Wrestlemania 32 spots have featured him defying gravity and/or Father Time to do breathtaking leaps and falls from some sort of tall surface. From a Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker to sending the Miz off some rigging in a Falls Count Anywhere match in Wrestlemania 35, McMahon has had a recent history of pulling out all the stops at Wrestlemania.

McMahon's match against Strowman had a rather bizarre build, with McMahon bullying Strowman over the course of weeks, repeatedly calling him stupid. While Strowman frequently tried to get even, McMahon used a variety of delay tactics to stave Strowman off, feigning injury and employing Elias and Jaxson Ryker to attack Strowman.

However, the Wrestlemania match was understandably full of spectacle. While McMahon gained the upper hand in the early going, Strowman's sheer strength frequently evened the odds. At one point, Strowman ripped the fencing off the cage itself to grab McMahon and pull him back into the ring. That led to McMahon's big fall, which led into a pin just a few moments later.


Other major matches tonight included Bobby Lashley's victory over Drew McIntyre to retain the WWE Championship, AJ Style becoming a Grand Slam Champion by defeating the New Day with his new partner Omos, and Cesaro getting a career-defining victory over Seth Rollins.