Cesaro Breaks Spin Record in Win Over Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 37

Cesaro emerged victorious over Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 37, picking up his first singles victory at the Show of Shows. While the match was one of the more technical matches we've seen at Wrestlemania, with several impressive manuevers and counters, a large part of the match centered on Rollins targeting Cesaro's arm, preventing Cesaro from effectively putting Rollins into his patented Cesaro Swing. Both competitors managed to kick out of their opponent's finishers, with Rollins staving off a Neutralizer, while Cesaro survived a Pedigree. However, Cesaro managed to counter Rollin's Curb Stomp and then followed it up with a UFO and then an extra-long record breaking Cesaro Spin, before finishing Rollins off with a Neutralizer.

Rollins has spent weeks antagonizing Cesaro, noting his opponent's inability to rise to the top of the WWE after nearly a decade at the company. While Cesaro has been a fan favorite during much of his career, he has never seemed to gain any momentum outside of the tag team division, despite being one of the best technical wrestlers on the WWE's roster. Cesaro responded to the taunts by frequently threatening to take Rollins on a "swing" and eventually got his hands on Rollins just before Wrestlemania.


A singles victory at Wrestlemania could set Cesaro up for bigger things on Smackdown. Obviously, this could put Cesaro in line for a Universal Championship opportunity, especially if the title changes hands tomorrow night. This definitely seems to be the start of a major push for the Swiss Cyborg and represents a great moment for the longtime WWE veteran. As for Rollins, we could see his rivalry with Cesaro continue, or he could easily transition into a feud with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, or countless other main event wrestlers on the Smackdown roster. We'll have to see what sort of fallout comes from the match in the weeks to come.