WWE's Shotzi Delivers a Beatdown to Sasha Banks in SmackDown Heel Turn

Tonight's WWE SmackDown kicked off with the SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, and she started things on the microphone.  "Well well well well, as more things change the more they stay the same," Flair said. "Charlotte Flair, the SmackDown Women's Champion. How many times is that now. 6 times now? But I'm not keeping count, because that's what you all do because you can't do what I can do. I'm not only the face of this division, I am the face of this wild company, and the most decorated woman in sports-entertainment history, and no one is going to change that. And here's the thing, when anyone else in that locker room wins a title, it's like 'Oh my God this is like the biggest day of my life' and the girls are like 'oh my God you won a title!' When Charlotte Flair wins a title it's just another Friday."

"So here's the thing. After last week's drama, order has finally been restored to SmackDown, and that's exactly what these women need. They need a real leader, a mentor, someone to guide them. Someone to bring out the best in them, and that's me," Flair said.

Then Sasha Banks came out and grabbed a microphone, and had some words for Flair. "Did you say leader? Charlotte please nobody is buying that. You don't care about helping any of the women in the back, you only care about holding them down. So let's stop pretending okay. You know what I want. So where is my SmackDown Women's Championship rematch at?"

"Woah Sasha, this is the new era of SmackDown," Flair said. "We all know you think you deserve a title opportunity. Isn't that a little selfish of Sasha? I've given you chance after chance after chance and I always beat you. I think a new face deserves a championship opportunity.

That's when Shozi came out in her tank. She got out and said, "Charlotte, if you're looking for someone you've never faced before, then I'm your girl."

Chants hit for Shotzi, and then Flair talked to Banks a bit and taunted Shotzi a bit too, and then said she is going to get her match right now. A match was booked right then, and then we went to commercial break.

When we came back Shotzi and Flair were in the ring for a contender's match, and they locked up quickly. Flair hit a waist lock takedown and then they circled each other again. Flair hit another one and went for a roll-up but Shotzi kicked out. Banks kept telling Shotzi to stay on Flair.

Flair kicked Shotzi and threw her into the corner, and then Shotzi hit a Sunset Flip and a pin but Shotzi kicked out. Shotzi then slid underneath Flair's kick and locked in a hold but Flair took her down to the mat. Flair evaded and got some space and then kicked Shotzi in the midsection hard. She then slammed Shozi face-first into the turnbuckle, but Shotzi dodged another move and then sent Flair flying. She then hit a dropkick and went for a pin but Flair kicked out.

Flair threw Shotzi into the turnbuckle and then Shotzi tried to get up top but Flair caught her and knocked the back of her neck on the turnbuckle and followed it up with a pin but Shotzi kicked out. Flair kept up the attack and put more pressure on the back of her head and neck, and then Shotzi tried a roll-up but Flair kicked out.

Flair kept up the attack with holds and kicks and then a boot hit Shotzi on the chin, but Shotzi hit back with two big kicks and an enziguri to the face followed by a big move onto Flair's back but Flair kicked out of the pin attempt.

Shotzi went up top but Flair rolled out. Shotzi then tried to start a run to dive but Flair punched her and put a halt to it. Then Flair taunted Banks on the outside but Shotzi then dove and ran into Flair.

Flair knocked Shotzi down to the ground and then went up to the top rope, but Shotzi rolled into the ring and stopped her. Shotzi then leaped up and slammed Flair down to the mat but Flair kicked out at the last minute. Flair tried a big boot but Shotzi evaded and hit a big punch. Then Shotzi covered but Flair kicked out. Shotzi then went for a move but Flair evaded and hit a big boot, sending Shotzi to the floor. Flair went to hit another move but Shotzi evaded this time and then delivered a kick to the ground.

Banks then kept telling Shotzi to cover, but Flair kicked out at 2 on the next pin. Flair then grabbed her for a pin but Shotzi kicked out. Flair went for the Figure 8 but Shotzi got out and got a pin but Flair kicked out. Shotzi then got another near fall next with a killer pin but Flair kicked out once more. Flair hit an elbow but Flair shoved Shotzi face-first into the turnbuckle and went up to the top rope. She then went for a moonsault and missed but kept it up and hit the second one, but Shozi kicked out.

Then Flair met with Banks but halted on punching her. Then Shotzi went to charge and missed Flair and almost hit Banks, but she stopped. It gave Flair a chance though to knock Shotzi sideways and that was enough to lock in the pin and the win.

Then we saw Banks go into the ring and try to help Shotzi up, but then Shotzi pushed her away and started attacking her. It seemed she blamed her for getting in the way and causing her loss to Flair, and she then proceeded to deliver a beatdown to Banks in the ring and outside of it, and then she slammed Banks into her tank.

So, it seems Flair will take on someone else in the meantime before Survivor Series, and Banks will feud with Shotzi.

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