Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks Opening Weekend Record With $238 Million Domestic Box Office

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    • wheelwork
    • 2254 Posts in 26 Months

    Nice time to own Disney stock.

  1. Most of us already new it broke records while trying to order tickets. Having to wait 2 weeks for good seats says a lot about how much they made.

  2. noticed no japan lol HAHAHA and they didnt mention that jurassic world still holds the record for international debut

    • CB119855
    • 1 Posts in 12 Months

    China, India, and Greece still have not showed the movie yet.  So no, we still do not know the international total.

    • kwu5765
    • 142 Posts in 19 Months

    Wow... Nostalgia seems to have propelled some movies very far.... just look at Jurassic World and The Force Awakens. I wonder how Independence Day 2 will do next year...

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