Stan Lee Had One Problem With His Deadpool Cameo

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    • _L0Bo_
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    Haha good ol Stan, in and out!

    It is gotta be the best cameo for Stan so far!

    • CB115631
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    There's no surprise that Stan Lee wanted to spend more time in the strip club whilst filming DeadPool, as it was one of the best scenes in the movie:

  1. It's great, on this I cannot argue, but I think the cameo from Amazing Spiderman was better.

  2. It was great, but in my humble opinion the cameo from Amazing Spiderman was better.

  3. I think it would've been perfect for Deadpool to actually call Stan by his real first name. Make a joke about how he's everywhere. Something that poked fun at his numerous cameos. Hopefully the sequel addresses this. Still a good movie even though i'm anti-marvel.

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