Avengers Sequel Will Be Deeper Not Bigger

Joss WhedonWhat does Joss Whedon have in store for the Avengers sequel? After a successful first movie, directors often think they have to go bigger with a sequel. However, it looks like Joss Whedon will be approaching the Avengers 2 from a different perspective.

In an interview with MTV, Joss Whedon summed up his plan for the Avenger sequel by saying, “Don’t go bigger, go deeper.” Whedon added, “The grand thing is that all these people have met, so you’ve gotten that out of the way. And now you can really spend your time just digging in. And by digging in, I mean with a scalpel to cause pain.”

What do Whedon’s comments mean? It certainly sounds like he’s saying he’s not just going to make the sequel about bigger explosions and bigger special effects, but he’s going to really focus on delving further into the individual characters. It all sounds like a pretty good plan to us.

In addition, Whedon offered an update on the S.H.I.E.L.D.  pilot saying, “We start shooting a week from Tuesday.” As far as the scale of the series, Whedon added, “You’ve got to bring a little bit of spectacle to it. It’s got to be bigger than your average cop show. At the end of the day, it’s about the peripheral people. It’s about the people on the edges of the grand adventures.”