Comic Con Server Crashes, Badges Likely Sold Out

Comic Con Sold OutHow long did it take for 2013 Comic Con International to sell out? According to some reports, it took all of six minutes. According to a post on Facebook, someone trying to access the Comic Con ticket system at 9:06 AM PT received the following message.

"We are sorry, but the EPIC online waiting room has reached capacity and it is unlikely that badges are still available. Please click here to return to the Comic-Con website. If you were unable to purchase a badge today, please check our website frequently or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for important badge resale announcements later this year."

Of course, the official time of the sell out might be a little longer than six minutes as it will take time to process all the orders that are in the waiting room. However, it appears that the opportunity window to get in the waiting room was six minutes or less.

According to posts on both Facebook and Twitter, many people who tried clicking on the link right when tickets went on sale didn't even make it into the waiting room. Reports of the page not loading, error messages, and other issues were frequent.