Konosuba Crimson Legend Film Shares Adorable New Trailer

Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! is one of the most popular spins on the Isekai anime subgenre in recent memory, and fans are totally in love with the series' core group of misfits. After missing for quite a while after the end of its second season, the anime surprisingly made a return last August with a major film effort, Crimson Legend. This film introduces fans to Megumin's hometown and extended family, and the film has done so well for itself that now it's celebrating with a special trailer.

This digest trailer features more new content than ever before as fans get a glimpse of how the film plays out. Not only that, the ending theme for the film is featured too. Fans can hear how the voices behind Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness sing "My Home Town," before getting to see the film for themselves!

Directed by Takaomi Kanasaki, with series composition by Makoto Uezu, character designs by Koichi Kikuta, and music by Masato Koda, Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Crimson Legend is now officially running in theaters in Japan. The film has earned over 500 million yen over the course of its run thus far, and that's a pretty respectable amount considering that it's been two years since the series last got an anime outing.

Crunchyroll has confirmed that they will be bringing the movie over to the United States some time in the future, but it is currently unclear as of this writing what form this will take or when fans in North America can see it themselves. The new film is produced by new studio J.C. Staff, but features many returning staff and voice cast members from the two seasons under Studio Deen.


Confirmed featured returning voice cast members include Jun Fukushima as Kazuma, Sora Amamiya as Aqua, Rie Takahashi as Megumin, Ai Kayano as Darkness, Yui Horie as Wiz, and Aki Toyosaki as Yunyun. Machico, the artist behind the first two opening themes for the anime series, returns for the film's opening theme too.

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!! started out as a line of light novels written by Natsume Akatsuki with illustrations provided by Kurone Mishima for Kadokawa's Sneaker Bunko Imprint. It was later adapted into a manga in 2014, and an anime series by Studio Deen in 2016 and 2017 for two seasons. You can currently check out the series on Crunchyroll in both its Japanese original and English dub.