Alicia Keys Concert Nods to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with OST Cover

Anime fans know the industry has some bangers when it comes to OSTs, and the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure community boasts several of those hits. From Stone Ocean to Diamond Is Unbreakable, the franchise has released some of the catchiest singles in shonen. And recently, one of its most famous OSTs was honored during the European leg of Alicia Key's tour.

Over on Instagram, the award-winning singer posted a video of the moment for netizens to watch firsthand. Keys brought their oldest child Egypt Dean to the stage in front of 17,000 fans, and it was there the 12-year-old surprised the audience by playing part of "Giorno's Theme" from Golden Wind.

As you can see above, the young pianist totally nailed his performance, and we're sure Giorno would give his seal of approval to the cover. Of course, Keys was beyond proud of their son, and they shared an emotional note on Instagram about the performance.

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"We are so proud of you!!! This is crazy!! He's been asking me to go on stage every show and me being in mama bear mode I'm thinking... 'Is it too much? Too many people? Is now the time? Should he practice more??' This guy gets on the stage as if there weren't 17,000 people out there and just smashes!! All confidence, all smiles, all natural!!! Wow! I'm blown away," Keys wrote.

Clearly, the artist is as proud as any mama should, and their son has more than enough talent to warrant such a reaction. JoJo fans are sending lots of love to the Keys family in the wake of this tribute, and of course, they have their own song requests. After all, "Jonathan's Theme" could use a cover, and that's not even mentioning bops like "Great Days" or "Fighting Gold".

What do you think of this epic JoJo cover? Do you have any anime requests for the Keys family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.