Amazon Launches a Massive Anime Blu-ray Sale

Amazon has become a go-to shopping destination for millions of people staying indoors during the COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, that means a lot of purchases come down to entertainment as more and more people are running out of shows to binge. That is why Amazon launched a massive sale on anime Blu-rays which have discounted some of your favorite movies and TV shows by half.

You can check out the deal here while it lasts, and trust us, you will want to pursue the titles offered. From Cowboy Bebop to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, this Amazon deal has some big-name titles tied to the sale. The discounts can run up beyond 50% off if you look carefully, and Amazon Prime can deliver a handful of these titles in a few days flat.

amazon anime sale

As for me, I have a few sales to point out. As mentioned, the complete series of Cowboy Bebop is on sale, and that is definitely worth a snag. The Blu-ray set is less than $30 USD at the moment compared to its usual retail price of $60. The complete series will let you catch up with Spike and his crew well before Netflix launches its live-action adaptation of the anime.

If you want something more contemporary, both My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and Dragon Ball Super: Broly are on sale. They both are on sale for under $17 when they usually cost about $35 a piece. Amazon has also included a slew of Dragon Ball film collections and seasons in this deal, so fans of the classic series will definitely want to check out this sale.


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