Review: 'My Hero Academia: Two Heroes' Stuns as One of the Year's Best Superhero Films

In a world filled with superheroes, My Hero Academia is here to give a "Plus Ultra" punch to the genre that will thrill new and old fans of the anime.

To start, the movie's title is pretty apt as it hones in on the stories of two heroes: All Might and Deku. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes kicks off with a mighty flashback into All Might's past, giving fans a look at his early days in the United States. And, yes — we get a new Smash as such.

Fans also meets plenty of new characters as the movie goes on, but My Hero Academia: Two Heroes knows where its story is at. Characters like David Shield are more layered than expected, but the feature is primarily concerned with the kids of Class 1-A.

It also doubles down on the themes presented in My Hero Academia, and it results in one inspirational movie. Fans watch as Deku rallies Todoroki and even Iida to become the heroes they're determined to become. Thrust into a position where the Pro Heroes are MIA, the fate of thousands fall upon Class 1-A as the clever kids put all their training into practice.

In this way, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes embodies all the things fans love about the anime, but its intense action and emotional backbone are what sell this movie. Its villainous twist will tug at your heartstrings, and its refreshing take on superheroes has never looked so good.

Still, the movie isn't perfect. Like many anime features, it does expect audiences to have some background knowledge going into the film. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes starts off quick with an action sequence, but is slows down shortly after with a fair bit of exposition. The real villain behind the movie falls a bit flat, but its heroes more than make up for the bland characterization.

If you're a fan of My Hero Academia as is, this movie will be up your alley, but the film is electric enough to stun any comic lover. Filled with clear homages to modern-day superhero films, this movie will push an adrenaline rush through audiences who've grown tired of the cynicism so present in comics today. So, if you're still feeling down about Justice League or Avengers: Infinity War, then My Hero Academia: Two Heroes better be on your radar.


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Rating: 5 out of 5