Animal Crossing Gets Spot-On '80s Anime Trailer

Animal Crossing has broken sales records as millions have embraced the island life game since its release, and one fan has taken their love for the Nintendo title further. Over in South Korea, a digital artist known as Southbig went live with an animated short which brings Tom Nook to life. The video, which can be seen above, reimagines Animal Crossing: New Horizon as an '80s anime with all the grainy textures old-school fans love.

The video begins strong with an animation of two avatars making pained faces. The expression could be because the Stalk Market is giving the boy some trouble, so we're hoping Nook's Cranny works out its prices to help these guys. It isn't easy on the market, but you have to risk big to win big in Animal Crossing.

As the video continues, Isabella and another player can be seen before the Nook Family appears. Tom Nook is looking decked out in his jewels and gold. Sure, the in-game lore does paint Tom Nook as a selfless soul, but fans (like this artist) are convinced the tanuki is hoarding money in an off-island account.

animal crossing anime
(Photo: Southbig / Youtube)

The rest of the anime showcases lots of scenery from the video game and other notable characters. In fact, Blathers is shown highlighting his museum and all its dinosaur fossils. Of course, the collection comes courtesy of the players, but this night owl knows how to spruce them up for tourists! The video ends with a nostalgic shot of a bottled message on the beach, so you know some lucky resident is about to get a killer DIY recipe once they pick it up.

This old-school take on Animal Crossing has earned the praise of netizens around the world, and it is no surprise why. In the past, Animal Crossing hit gold in Japan with its own animated feature, but the title didn't pursue a TV career beyond that. Now, Southbig shows what could be for the franchise, and fans would pay so many Bells to see it come to life.


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