Animal Crossing Players Are Using Nook Miles Tickets as Currency

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are using Nook Miles Tickets as legitimate currency now. Nintendo Switch fans have been taking the new game very seriously, but no one could have expected that users would be exchanging in-game items for real money on this scale. The Animal Crossing trading community has been a thing in the past, but New Horizons has kicked things into overdrive. A Eurogamer report ties this all back to one simple thing, people want their favorite villagers to visit their island, and the easiest way to do that is to pony up the Nook Miles Tickets as quickly as possible. So, move over microtransactions, players are taking matters into their own hands.

Nook Miles are earned through the general tasks that can be accomplished throughout the day in New Horizons. Planting, chopping trees, and fishing all add those precious Nook Miles up. There are limited items and recipes that you can gather from the Nook Miles, along with the now-important tickets. The Nook Miles Tickets can whisk you to a mystery island where valuable resources could wait…or maybe nothing of real consequence. Well, with the villagers being tied to this system it’s easy to see how the NMTs could end up being very crucial to certain players. External sites like discords server are seeing people laying down more than 600 NMT to ensure pleasant characters like Raymond and Audie make an appearance.

It doesn’t stop there though, there are now offer systems in place to help players both send and receive their favorite villagers. In addition, people are hawking turnips and items as well. People open up their islands to strangers to sell their stock for an entry fee, rare items or NMTs outright. Cataloguing items or “touch trading” has also risen with the online marketplace set up. Sellers establish a fee and users can pick up all the different items to allow people the chance to order them back in their own island. It’s an easy source of NMT for players looking for passive income, and the visitors don’t have to hunt relentlessly for items.


Weirdly enough, this practice has exposed one strange part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Bells are less central to the experience than ever. With so much content sectioned off by Nook Miles, they may have overtaken the default currency in importance once you really get into the meat of the game. The Bell Tree is an online trading forum and they estimate that one NMT is approximately equivalent to 200k Bells. That’s pretty staggering when you think about it. Across your inventory and the wallet, you can carry about 4 million Bells at a time. So, a full inventory of NMT evens out to about 40m Bells with the exchange rate! That’s ten times the value. However, this is all changing and evolving as time moves on.

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