These Are the Top Anime of 2021 You Need to Look Out For

It goes without saying, but this year has been an odd one for anime fans given all the recent delays. The spring cour was laid out in a big way because of COVID-19, but many of the series that got delayed have since made a comeback. This has made the current summer season an impressive one, but thanks to one fan, netizens have been gently reminded that 2021 will have one of the best anime lineups yet.

The post came from JokerTheMenace on Twitter as they reminded fans of what's to come. In fact, the user went so far as to call 2021 "one of the greatest years" for anime, and you can see why after checking out their must-watch list.

While this show will return in October 2020, the fourth season of Attack on Titan will bleed into 2021. This final outing will adapt the rest of Hajime Isayama's tale as Eren learns dark new secrets about Eldians that he never dreamt about discovering.

bleach anime fight
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Of course, there will be other series for fans to watch. The awaited comeback of Bleach and The Promised Neverland is amongst them. You can check out a list of the returning series hyped by JokerTheMenace below:

Attack on Titan S4

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

Shaman King 2021

Promised Neverland S2

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Beastars S2

Log Horizon S3

Seven Deadly Sins S4

These titles don't even give a mention to current series like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations or One Piece. The former will be deep into its Kawaki arc by 2021, and One Piece will be nearing its Wano climax at that point. My Hero Academia should also be returning with its fifth season next year while Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World begins its second cour.


Clearly, the anime fates have aligned for 2021, and fans hope the year delivers as promised. After all, netizens are hyped for all the shows debuting next year, and it would be a shame to disappoint given... well, everything going on this year.

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