Shaman King to Debut a Brand-New Anime Next Spring

Shaman King debuted years ago under Shueisha, but the shonen has not fallen into the grave just yet. It has been years since fans heard from the franchise, and that has been on purpose. After all, the team behind Shaman King has been busy working, and a new report has confirmed the anime pitch is being developed into a brand-new series.

The announcement was made on the official website for Shaman King the other day. It confirms a brand-new anime is being made of the Shaman King manga, and it will be released in April 2021. Currently, the show is expected to adapt the entire manga, so Shaman King will be around for a good while.

After all, it isn't easy to adapt 35 volumes of manga into a show. Shaman King will take time to do right, and Kodansha Comics is fine supporting that vision. It will release a new complete manga edition of Shaman King, and these volumes will line up with the new show.


For fans who have kept up with Shaman King, the series made a surprise comeback n May 2018 when creator Hiroyuki Takei released a new arc for the series. The so-called 'Super Star' arc began over two years ago, and Shonen Magazine Edge brought the new arc back from hiatus earlier this year. This all comes after Shaman King was created back in 1998. The manga has endured over the years as Takei resurfaces with the franchise every once in a while. For instance, a new ending for the manga was released in 2009 after the manga closed in 2004. Now, the manga is back with a new arc, and it will align perfectly with the overhauled anime of the one and only Shaman King.

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