The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger's Judgement Sets Early 2021 Premiere

The Seven Deadly Sins wrapped its manga earlier this year, but there is still more anime to come. A fourth and final season was slated to debut sometime this year, but those plans came to a halt because of the pandemic. Now, fans have gotten an update on season four, and it turns out The Seven Deadly Sins has a new release window in mind.

Over on Twitter, the page AnimeTV gave fans the big update with a short post. It was there the account reported The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger's Judgement is scheduled for a January 2021 release in Japan. At this time, there is no word on when the season might come to the United States as that all depends on Netflix per usual.

This new release window will give The Seven Deadly Sins more time to wrap on production given its rocky schedule as of late. Season four was said to be in early production this spring, but work on the anime came to a halt between March and April. This closure was due to the pandemic as Japan saw an influx of cases. The country has since gotten a handle on COVID-19 outbreaks, and animation studios have found ways to resume work either in-person or from home.

The Seven Deadly Sins season 4
(Photo: JC Staff)

Of course, fans are still nervous about this fourth season but not because of the pandemic. Netizens have long complained about the show's quality following the success of season one. Critiques hit an all-time high with season three as the show was lambasted for its mediocre animation. If season four is much the same, it is hard to say whether fans will stand by The Seven Deadly Sins any longer. So here's to hoping season four wows fans and doesn't waste their time instead.

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