My Hero Academia Composer Gives Update on Season 5

My Hero Academia season five might be a ways away at this point, but work is already being done on the comeback. As soon as season four closed, fans were quick to follow its team for updates on the next season. A few nods to season five have come to light already, and it seems another has been tossed to fans by the series' composer.

Recently, Yuki Hayashi posted a message on Twitter for fans to peep. The composer said work has already started on the fifth season fo My Hero Academia as his team is preparing to record its OST.

"Today we were recording the soundtrack for the 5th season of My hero academia! ! Thanks to all of our amazing musicians!"

Over on Instagram, the artist shared a bit more information about season five, and Hayashi said he was given his first notes on the season's music last year. He was given the details following an orchestra performance, and the packet included all the scenes he was tasked with composing music for (via Aitaikimochi). This background info has fans curious whether this new season might be sped through production given its lengthy development period, but fans will have to wait and see how that plays out.

After all, Bones Inc. is better off taking its time and not rushing the project. My Hero Academia fans did take offense to certain season four episodes due to their mediocre animation. Netizens are hopeful that will not be the case with season five, so here's to hoping all goes well with Izuku's next adventure.


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