AnimeJapan Goes Virtual for Spring 2021

2020 saw numerous conventions in the entertainment world, both in relation to anime and various [...]

2020 saw numerous conventions in the entertainment world, both in relation to anime and various other mediums, having to either cancel, postpone, or move their events to "virtual-only" and it seems as if 2021 will see more of the same as AnimeJapan2021 has just announced that this year's upcoming event will be online only. With the medium of anime seeing several changes and delays seeping their way into the industry as a result of COVID-19, it's clear that this year will also see some major shifts take place across the board.

AnimeJapan is relatively new to the convention circuit, having first been established in 2014 and giving anime fans the opportunity to not only witness several panels and guests in relation to the world of anime but also purchase countless merchandise when it comes to some of their favorite anime franchises. With the event taking place virtually this year, it will definitely be interesting to see what changes are made when it comes to the well-known convention that has taken place in the East.

(Photo: AnimeJapan)

The official statement from Anime Japan had this to say regarding the convention's decision to make 2021's event "online-only", doing so both as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent "state of emergency" declared in Japan:

"AnimeJapan 2021 is a real result of examining the health and safety of all visitors and related parties based on the current situation of the new coronavirus infection and the state of emergency issued by the government on January 7 (Thursday). We have decided to cancel the event and make it "online-only". In addition, artist Takanori Nishikawa will be appointed as the official ambassador of AnimeJapan 2021 and will liven up AnimeJapan together!"

Last year, there were several examples of conventions, both in the world of anime and beyond, that were able to give fans some amazing conventions despite said fans not having the ability to physically attend said events. With the likes of FunimationCon and Anime Expo taking their conventions online, alongside the likes of San Diego Comic-Con and DC Fandome, it seems as if these events are still attempting to give fans a con experience despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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