Anime Convention Stirs Debate After Banning NSFW Clothes from Event

For plenty of fans, there is nothing like going to a convention. Whether you are into comics or video games or anime, you can find an event catered to your needs. In fact, anime conventions are on the rise as events continue popping up, but one local event has stirred up debate online about a certain topic.

And yes, it is of the NSFW persuasion. It seems one convention is ready to ban any pornographic clothing from its floor, and fans are split on the firm decision.

Over on Twitter, the debate began after Colorado Anime Fest shared their policy update to ban ahegao clothing or any other type of garments which contain graphic sexual imagery.

"POLICY UPDATE: We've given our existing rules for cosplay and clothing one tweak: Starting with #COAF2020, we will not permit 'ahegao' or similar clothing with graphic sexual imagery to be worn on the convention floor," the convention confirmed.

"As you may know, we are a con that tries not to have too many rules. We made this change based on feedback from staff, attendees, guests, and industry. We appreciate your understanding and support."

The announcement drew in attention from the anime community as a whole, and plenty went on to post their own reactions. While many were fine with the ban given its location-based restriction, others felt the ban singled out a certain demographic. In fact, some petitioned the convention to ban skimpy attire including cosplays if they were going to double down on ahegao.

Of course, the debate is ongoing, but those in favor of the ban aren't backing down. For those who do not known, ahegao clothing often consists of shirts printed with a collage of [sometimes) censored hentai. While everyone has a right to their own taste, fans supporting the ban say there is a time and place to wear pornographic clothing... and a convention floor filled with minors might not be the ideal venue.


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