Jump Festa 2021 Will Reportedly Take Place Online

2020 has had to have a lot of conventions, anime or otherwise, have to make some big changes to spread their message to fans around the world, with anime conventions such as Funimation Con and Anime Expo going completely digital, and it seems as if the upcoming Jump Festa 2020 might be doing the same. In the past, Jump Festa has been the biggest anime convention for the properties of Weekly Shonen Jump, often confirming new seasons or big news with regards to anime series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Demon Slayer, and much more!

We have yet to get many details about the upcoming convention, Jump Festa 2021, but going completely digital at this point seems like a foregone conclusion considering how the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the world of anime and entertainment conventions during this year. Alongside anime conventions, a number of anime series have been delayed as a result of COVID-19, with franchises such as Pokemon, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and One Piece having to take a brief hiatus in order to make sure that the creative minds behind each are safe. We're crossing our fingers that this upcoming digital event will give us some new info on some of our favorite anime Shonen series!

Twitter Users WSJ_Manga and DBSChronicles both confirmed that Jump Festa 2021 would be taking place online, most likely being held later this winter during December, with further details awaiting release for the convention that has revealed information about Shonen series since originally debuting in 1999:

Last year, Jump Festa had released a new trailer for the second season of Dr. Stone, as well as confirming the second season of The Promised Neverland, which had to be pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While there are many announcements that we'd be crossing our fingers for, we definitely would love to get a confirmation for the return of Dragon Ball Super in the world of anime.


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