Assassin's Creed Producer Gives Update on Its TV Series

Adi Shankar recently released a new series on the streaming service of Netflix in Guardians of Justice, a live-action series that creates a twisted and unique world of superheroes. With Shankar seeing major success with his animated adaptation of the world of Castlevania, it's clear that the producer is all-in when it comes to video game adaptations, and we had the opportunity to talk with Adi when it comes to his take on Assassin's Creed, which he announced years ago. 

For those who might not be familiar with the Ubisoft property, Assassin's Creed normally will focus on a member of the Assassin Guild, an organization that operates in the shadows across countless years. The big twist of the franchise is that, normally, someone in the present or near future will be the one "piloting" this past assassin using a device known as the Animus. Most recently, Assassin's Creed Valhalla put players into the shoes of a viking who took a very different approach to the world of assassinations, bringing some severe brutality to the video game world. 

Shankar had this to say regarding Assassin's Creed and its status, which is but one of many series that the producer currently is putting effort into:

"Laserhawk is my focus right now on the Ubisoft side. One of the reasons I'm so psyched for Captain Laserhawk is that Castlevania was such an anomaly when it came out. I saw the writing on the wall and this is now going to become a business model for me. I'm going to take video games and turn them into television series for streaming services. I can kind of reap the benefits of this business model, but the artist in me wanted to make it more weird." 

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is the upcoming animated series set within the world of Far Cry, one of Ubisoft's biggest properties, which is set to hit Netflix in the future and is adapted from the DLC story that was a part of the third entry in Far Cry's video game franchise. 

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