Attack On Titan Animation Unites A Fan Favorite Couple

Attack On Titan's fourth season of its anime is set to arrive later this year, putting an end to the story of the Survey Corps as they attempt to save the world from the rampage of the Titans, and with the manga killing off a number of fan favorites, one animator has taken the opportunity to re-unite a fan favorite pairing in Levi and Hange. AS the manga has seen the Survey Corps attempting to defeat their former friend Eren Jaeger who now has the power of the Founding Titan as he attempts to enact his "Euthanasia Plan" in order to end the war, the pair had some rough days recently!

Levi and Hange were never in a romantic relationship in either the manga or anime of Attack On Titan, but their bond was a strong one, forged in war. While these two couldn't be more different, with Hange holding a desire to learn more about the Titans themselves in the name of science while Levi simply wants them dead at his feet, they relied on one another during a number of different fights during the course of Hajime Isayama's epic dark franchise. In a recent chapter of the series' manga, the pairing had to make a big sacrifice in an attempt to take down Eren Jaeger and the hordes of Titans that are now dubbed "The Rumbling".

Reddit Artist KyojinKing shared this amazing animation that re-unites Levi and Hange in the earlier days of their battles against the Titans, made all the more tragic by recent events that have taken place in the manga of Attack On Titan as it marches toward its finale:

Animated Fanart. Hange and Levi. OST: Call Your Name. from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

Though the original animation studio of Wit isn't returning to finish off the anime series with its upcoming fourth season, the new animators at Studio MAPPA are taking the reins and have already shown fans what to expect. Needless to say, Hange and Levi have a heavy role to play in these final installments of the anime and they definitely won't be receiving a happy ending if the source material of the manga has anything to say about it!


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