John Boyega Hypes Up Anime Fans with Attack on Titan Shout Out

John Boyega, the star of Star Wars and Pacific Rim: Uprising, has worn his love of pop culture, and specifically anime, on his sleeve throughout interviews and in public, and the actor has once again shown his admiration for one of the darkest franchises in the medium of anime in Attack On Titan. With the series hitting its stride in both the anime and manga as it heads toward its series finale, there definitely is no better time to be a fan of the franchise that made giant naked behemoths who eat civilians a household name!

John Boyega originally hit the scene in the alien fighting film known as Attack The Block, which had him starring as the young man Moses as he wielded swords to take down aliens with monstrous appearances and glow in the dark fangs. In the movie, the franchise of Naruto is mentioned a few times, and was a nice hint at the love that Boyega had for anime as a whole. Recently, Boyega went so far as to even reveal his top five favorite anime, listing Attack On Titan, Naruto, Seven Deadly Sins, Hunter x Hunter, and Bleach respectively. With the latest Star Wars trilogy having come to an end, we're crossing our fingers that Boyega will jump into an anime property in the future, whether its a live action adaptation or through voice acting!

John Boyega shared his love for Attack On Titan via his Official Twitter Account, sharing a photo of himself drinking out a mug that has the symbol of the Survey Corps, the group of soldiers that have been attempting to free their world from the insane threat of the Titans:

In the past, there was a live action film of Attack On Titan made in Japan, though it was received to mixed reviews originally, with many believing that it wasn't able to capture the style of the original anime. While there has been no news about a live action Attack On Titan being made in Hollywood, Sony recently confirmed that they were working on an adaptation of One-Punch Man which means there is definitely a market for anime adaptations in the West!

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