John Boyega Rallies Fans with Inspiring Naruto Post

John Boyega has been in the headlines lately for championing the Black Lives Matter movement, and [...]

John Boyega has been in the headlines lately for championing the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Star Wars actor has no plans on stopping. After giving a passionate speech to protestors in London, Boyega is using social media to rally fans, and he did so very recently with a rather topical Naruto quote.

After all, it is no secret that Boyega loves anime. The actor has touted his love for the medium time and again. From Attack on Titan to Naruto, the shonen genre has gripped Boyega for years now, and that is why the actor turned to the Hidden Leaf for inspiration.

As you can see below, Boyega posted a photo of himself dressed in loose black pants and a short sleeves graphic tee. The top has the symbol for the Hidden Leaf Village on it, and the actor paired this photo with a caption that says everything it needs.

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“If you don’t like the hand that fate’s dealt you with, fight for a new one.” Naruto

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"If you don't like the hand that fate's dealt you, fight for a new one," the captain reads. Of course, fans will know it comes from Naruto. The titular hero shared the line while fighting one of his many foes, and Naruto meant it from the heart. In the anime's world, there was no boy as ostracized as Naruto, and he learned how hard prejudice was from a very young age.

Now, Boyega is leaning on Naruto for this quote, and fans are already calling the actor the Ninth Hokage. He did not falter when the time came to speak out against racism and its systemic nature as Black Lives Matter made its mission louder than ever. This kind of tenacity is one even Mighty Guy would be impressed by, and there is no doubt Naruto would gladly pass the Hokage mantle to Boyega... that is after Konohamaru makes the position, of course. The poor boy has been waiting years for that to happen.

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