Attack on Titan Season 4 Premiere Reveals Episode Title

There is less than a week separating fans of Attack on Titan from the show's big comeback. The [...]

There is less than a week separating fans of Attack on Titan from the show's big comeback. The anime is slated to return to television with season four on December 7, so the fandom is on high alert for details about the premiere. A lot of weight rests on this season's shoulders as its finale will bring Eren's journey to an end at last. And not to long ago, fans learned how season four will begin after the premiere's title was released to the world.

Recently, TV listings in Japan went live for the upcoming week, and it was there fans learned more about Attack on Titan. The show's fourth season plans to debut on December 6 overseas, and the season four premiere will be titled "The Other Side of the Ocean". And as you can imagine, fans are excited about this familiar name.

After all, it wasn't long ago that Eren and his friends learned what lied beyond the edges of Paradis. Humanity's protective walls were turned into cages as the Survey Corps learned there is a whole world beyond the area they live in. Of course, that world is blocked by a massive ocean, and it seems episode one will explore land that exists out in the deep blue. The finale of season three finally introduced them to the possibilities existing beyond Paradis' walls, but that discovery is just the beginning.

For manga readers, they will already know what land is found on this journey. Eren made that quite clear as he ends up infiltrating Marley to confront Reiner. The mission ends up in a deadly unsanctioned battle that provokes the War Hammer Titan into battle. And from there on out, fans know how drastically Attack on Titan turns once the Survey Corps make their presence known on Marley.

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