Attack On Titan Preps a Big Season 4 Episode with New Staff Credits

Attack On Titan's fourth season has brought the Survey Corps roaring back into the spotlight, with [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth season has brought the Survey Corps roaring back into the spotlight, with Eren attacking the nation of Marley in his Attack Titan form and murdering a number of Marleyians in the process, and it seems as if the next episode of the anime is bringing in a number of creative minds to depict one of the most action-packed entries. As the Marleyians learn just how dangerous the "devils of Paradis" have become, forged through years of fighting against Titans, the power structure is getting ready to shift the permanently alter the world of Eren Jaeger and company!

Many fans were left stunned when it was announced that Wit Studio wouldn't be finishing Attack On Titan's anime, having given fans the first three seasons of the anime, with Studio MAPPA taking the reins for the fourth and final season. The initial episode of this season has helped put a number of anime viewers at ease, however, as the intense look into the inner workings of the nation of Marley has been portrayed spectacularly by the animation studio to date. As the Children of Ymir attempt to get their long-awaited revenge against the citizens of Marley, there are plenty of surprises left for fans as the final season of Attack On Titan continues.

Twitter User Attack On Fans shared the impressive amount of new crew members that are apparently being brought on for the sixty-fifth episode of Attack On Titan, which will continue the terrifying battle that is currently being waged against the nation of Marley:

In the latest installment of the anime, we bore witness to Eren not only battling the War Hammer Titan but horrifically eating the head of the Tybur family who had just declared war on the "devils of Paradis". With the Survey Corps finally emerging for the first time, it seems that the Titans of Marley didn't quite know what they were up against and are going to have to fight for their lives!

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