Attack on Titan Director Retreats From Twitter After Fans Troll New Episode

Attack on Titan season four popped off in a big way this week with a new episode, but it seems [...]

Attack on Titan season four popped off in a big way this week with a new episode, but it seems some were unhappy with the results. The episode has been praised by most for its animation and pacing as a declaration of war was made in its final moments. But if you head over to Twitter, you will see some fans have sent the episode's director into lockdown after they criticized their choice of music.

The whole ordeal began this week when Attack on Titan returned with a new episode. It was there fans watched as Reiner and Eren reunited amidst a propaganda rally. The episode ended with Eren declaring war on Marley after the nation made its plan of eradicating the Eldians clear. As you can imagine, this is a major moment for season four as a whole, but some fans were more preoccupied by its soundtrack than its action.

attack on titan
(Photo: MAPPA)

After all, a group of vocal fans targeted episode director Teruyuki Omine about the episode and its soundtrack. It turns out fans wanted the OST of season two to be played when Eren made his grand ambush. For most fans, the soundtrack found in the episode was fine. But for those fans who abhorred the choice, they let Omine know in the worst way.

The harassment led Omine to lock their Twitter to private. For those who could still follow the Attack on Titan director, they sent plenty of love to support him, and Omine has since returned to public but with added restrictions.

"This is a private account of one anime staff," Omine stressed. "Please stop all replies and RTs, both negative and positive. I don't want to bother the company or the original author. I just hope this situation calms down."

As you can guess, Attack on Titan fans are rallying behind Omine and his soundtrack choice. The situation flared out of control because of a few overly zealous fans, and it has had lasting consequences. So if you want to continue interacting with season four's staff, maybe you should stop harassing them over the silliest of things?

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