Attack On Titan Chapter 131 Title Surfaces Online

The end of the Survey Corps is nigh as Attack On Titan heads closer to its finale in the manga, with the fourth and final season of the anime to be released from the new animation studio for the series in MAPPA and fans have discovered what the next title for Chapter 131 will be! As a new version of the Survey Corps is created to battle against a new, albeit familiar, threat, we have to wonder which of our favorite characters are going to make it to the end of the dark anime franchise alive when all is said and done!

First debuting with its manga in 2009, Attack On Titan quickly rose to the top of the charts when it came to the popular anime franchises of the world, offering a world that had never been seen before not only in the world of anime and manga, but in the world of fiction. With giant naked beings chomping on the poor citizens of cities that are trapped inside of walls, the world changed when one of the walls fell and we followed the adventures of protagonists Eren Jaeger, Armin, and Mikasa. Over the course of the story, things have changed insurmountably from the beginning of the story to the war between Marley and Eldia that we now bare witness to.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared the title that was discovered for the upcoming chapter of Attack On Titan's manga in 131, with the next installment of the Survey Corps and their battle to save the world to be released later this week for fans who are waiting to see how the popular franchise comes to an end:

Though a release date for the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan has yet to be released, the manga is giving us some of the most intense action that the franchise has ever witnessed to date. "The Rumbling" of course refers to the unleashing of the Titans within the walls and their current path of destruction that has been pushed forward by one of the most unlikely of villains that's existence forged a new Survey Corps!


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